• Great selection
• 50 years experience
• Proven results
• Customer service
• Reliability
• Fast delivery
• Diverse services
  Long-standing relationships with major manufacturers is one reason Weber Paper Company can provide customers with the highest quality products including:
•Paper and plastic products
•Cleaning chemicals
•Printing papers
•Janitorial products
•Food-processing and locker supplies
•Office papers
•Healthcare products
•Packaging products
•Can liners
•Skin-care products
•Office supplies
•Personal-protection equipment
•Floor machines

The company also tracks up-and-coming vendors that offer innovative solutions and, upon review, adds these new products to their inventory.

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  Customer satisfaction has always been a priority at Weber Paper Company. Working closely with clients, answering questions, recommending the right product, following through, delivering quickly … the staff does all this every day. Customers can order online through this website for easy and quick results, but if they require assistance, each customer is assigned a sales executive as a point of contact who visits them regularly. Otherwise, someone experienced and polite at Weber Paper is always ready to take customer calls. In addition, Weber Paper is known for helping customers find solutions to a variety of business needs. Customers say, “Call Weber Paper. If they don’t have it, they’ll know where to find it.”

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